About Us
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About Us

NRS Associates LLC (“NRS”) is a New York City based privately owned strategic advisory and merchant banking organization. Founded in 2006 we provide the vision, business and scientific expertise and managerial leadership required to create and commercialize disruptive innovations.


NRS maintains regular decision-maker connections with key academic, commercial, venture and governmental stakeholders. NRS leads projects, either for its own portfolio or for its strategic advisory clients, from proof-of-concept to monetization. Incubated principal projects are transferred into new companies with the participation of researchers and strategic partners. These ventures then pursue commercial agreements, venture funding and market transactions at increased valuations.


The company’s merchant banking health and wellness activities are conducted through its NRS Health & Wellness subsidiary and its strategic advisory business is conducted through NRS Associates LLC.


NRS H&W’s current principal pipeline includes: a highly accurate and cost efficient platform for non-invasive liquid biopsy cancer diagnosis through our miR Diagnostics LLC subsidiary and, through NRS H&W Israel, a portfolio of collaborative ventures with Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, which employ Israeli breakthrough agtech technologies expected to have a profound impact on the global food chain.