Sam Salman
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Sam Salman

Sam Salman

Chairman & CEO of NRS Associates and NRS Health & Wellness

Sam SalmanSam Salman is the Chairman and CEO of New Reality Solutions, LLC and NRS Health & Wellness, a merchant and investment bank with principal and strategic advisory roles with respect to companies with game-changing platforms. In his management role with New Reality Solutions, Mr. Salman also serves or has served the following companies in the indicated capacity:


Current Chairman & CEO, NRS Health & Wellness, a disruptive innovations company confronting and addressing unmet needs in health, wellness and sustainable development.


Current CEO, miR Diagnostics, LLC , a breakthrough molecular and liquid biopsy diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic optimization company.


Current President, Errant Gene Therapeutics, LLC, a pioneering applied regenerative biopharmaceutical entity.


Current, Member of the Board of Trustees and Board of Selectors of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service.


Current Co-Founder and Chairman of Greenfins Tuna, LLC, a leading sustainable and integrated Blue-Fin and Yellow-Fin Tuna aquaculture platform.


Past President & CEO, Mission Markets, Inc., a pioneering financial services firm focused on impact and sustainability markets.


Past Director, The Baeza Group, a leading Hispanic-focused investment bank – launched the highly successful, Spanish language V-me Television Network in conjunction with the New York City PBS affiliate, WNET.


Mr. Salman was raised in United Kingdom and is fluent in English, French, Farsi and has working knowledge of Hebrew. He was educated at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, USA and at the American University of Paris in France.

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