New Reality Solutions | Strategic Collaborations
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Strategic Collaborations

The essence of NRS’ Convergence Innovation™ business model is its rigorous and on-going interface with key academic, commercial, venture and governmental stakeholders. The company’s cornerstone relationships are profiled below, but NRS’ deep and broad relationship network is equally important in supporting ongoing portfolio activities.


Collaborations and Partnerships in Israel:


NRS initiatives in Israel are anchored by a strategic alliance with the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel (ARO) and Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture. We also collaborate with other renowned Israeli institutions such as the Weizmann Institute and Hebrew University.


The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary in Israel, NRS-Management & Advisory services, is led by Eli Mor. Yuval Eshdat, the former Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, heads the scientific advisory board. This organization is responsible for the day-to-day management of NRS’ selected projects, which will include all of its activities with ARO and other Israeli partners.


ARO is a flagship research institution which performs 80 percent of Israel’s applied agricultural research, based on integrated and multidisciplinary problem-solving techniques. ARO’s network of farm-related relationships throughout the world provides it with collaborations for translational research and in-depth real-world assessments of market challenges. Personnel at ARO include approximately 200 scientists with Ph.D. degrees, 340 engineers and technicians, and 220 graduate students.


Under its Master Research Agreement (MRA), has the flexibility to select, lead and commercialize high-value technologies developed at ARO.


To date, six technologies have been selected for development and commercialization, covering areas of vital importance to industry, governmental and public health/environmental stakeholders. Each project is deemed an ARO flagship initiative and led by a vetted prominent scientist. NRS is entitled to a majority of all project economics and total managerial control.


In addition to these specific technologies, NRS is building three Israeli-based platforms with ARO that will become commercial centers of innovation. These platforms are based on cutting-edge research and technology in gene-editing, microbiome science and agricultural informatics.
NRS can augment this portfolio, pursuant to the MRA, with any breakthrough science in our fields of interest, laying the groundwork for a dynamic project pipeline.


Empire State Center of Excellence for Cancer Genomics at the University at Albany, New York.


NRS’ strategic collaboration with SUNY’s University at Albany Center for Excellence in Cancer Genomics provides NRS with next-generation microbiology and molecular biology translational research, prominent scientists and technicians, state-of-the-art bioinstrumentation tools and world-class clinical testing capabilities. Our SUNY collaborations anchor the NRS biosciences pillar. We focus on the full array of genomics, including human, viral and cancer DNA, RNAs (non-coding, microRNA, snoRNA, etc.), as well as expert capabilities in hormone, enzyme, cell biology, signaling mechanisms, aging and degeneration, immunology, inflammatory channels and microbiota.


miR Diagnostics, NRS’ SUNY-based cancer diagnostics platform, enjoys strategic relationships at the University at Albany Medical College (UAMC), as well as several other medical centers throughout Northeast New York. miR and UAMC work in concert with renowned urologists on clinical trials for miR’s highly accurate, low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic kit for bladder and prostate cancer. These relationships allow miR to rapidly accelerate the refinement and optimization of our diagnostics. Additionally, miR is in the process of designing CLEP/CLIA certified lab space within the UAMC facilities to complement its research and development lab in Rensselaer, NY.


NRS maintains a global perspective on all its activities and benefits from many long-standing relationships established by miR’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Martin Tenniswood. miR is currently engaged in a strategic innovation partnership with Trinity College Dublin. Together the two entities are working towards establishing a research-based collaboration to explore the effectiveness of the miR Diagnostics solution on other cancers, including esophageal cancer.