Convergence Innovation™
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Convergence Innovation™

Convergence Innovation™

To address what it considers to be broken innovation models, NRS employs a proprietary approach that utilizes its informatics platform to deeply integrate diverse domains of science and technology into products, services and licensable know-how. Convergence Innovation™ is conceived from the ground up to provide scalable marketable solutions to address unmet challenges that impact humanity. Convergence Innovation™ is based on methods and designs that incorporate core scientific and technical concepts from all domains that are critical to solve complex interconnected challenges, such as health, energy harvesting and next-generation computation.


NRS harnesses, develops and commercializes the most compelling technical capabilities it conceives or identifies by working closely with strategic collaboration partners, leading researchers and centers of innovation excellence. By aligning common core interests, NRS co-develops protectable inventions and exclusive rights to applied research with revolutionary technical potential.


For Health, Wellness and Sustainable Development, these challenges range from the global rise in the incidence of diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular conditions, cancers, sustainable agriculture. For these challenges, NRS Convergence Innovation™ has developed strategic partnerships that produce and further augment NRS initiatives for ultra-impact innovation:


1) plant, animal, bacterial and ecosystem agricultural sciences;

2) human and disease-focused biosciences; and

3) connectivity through informatics / data science, anchored via NRS’s in-house capabilities.