New Reality Solutions | Agriculture
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Convergence Innovation™ for Agricultural Science is focused on next-generation solutions including nutrition security, environmental resource management, plant, animal and microbial sciences, and networked precision agriculture.


Groundbreaking collaborations with world-renowned research organizations enable the sourcing of novel science, data, technology, knowhow and services for the NRS H&W Agriculture Pillar.


NRS cultivated the needed key capabilities for Convergence Innovation™ for the efficient development of such breakthrough technologies that can address mega-theme opportunities:


Applied use and testing of CRISPR/Cas9 and related RNA guide systems, as well as higher-fidelity next generation gene editing technologies (i.e. TALENs);


World-leading data, techniques, technologies and knowhow around plant, microbial, insect and animal traits and corresponding phenotype, genetic, epigenetic, phytobiome, phage, hormone, pheromone, peptide and systems biology expertise;


Vast array of in-the-field research, tools and testing facilities, including establishing impact analyses of solutions once adopted by end-users for plant, marine, insect, animal, microbial and viral applied research;


Access to world class ecological, weather, soil and environmental technical, regulatory, policy, sustainability and trade expertise;


Credibility to officially cooperate with international organizations, governments and large corps rations, including economic development and national grant issuing entities, and;


Excellent background intellectual property and patent protections.