New Reality Solutions | Informatics
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Convergence Innovation™ for Informatics enables NRS and its related researchers to utilize next-generation tools for interoperable data capture, curation, quality control and statistical and predictive modeling. NRS has secured the following capabilities which subject to capital availability, can be deployed on a global basis for all of its activities:


Economic impact analysis and the use of advanced computational tools for pattern and predictive modeling in real-time applications;


Data tools, storage and computation in the cloud, including a variety of leading programming and machine environments, full compliance to data safety, regulatory and other accountability standards;


Mobility solutions for data capture, information utilization and productivity;


Enterprise and military-grade specialized security, intelligence, command and control systems;


Enterprise curation, scalable distributed human intelligence tasks for data quality control and machine learning;


Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and relational data computational tools for big-data and signal analyses, and;


Crowd-sourcing and input analysis, including sustainability metrics and measurement reporting.


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