New Reality Solutions | Principal Ventures
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Principal Ventures

NRS Health & Wellness creates and commercializes disruptive innovations focused on global health, wellness and sustainable development challenges. We partner with leading research organizations working at the cutting edge of science to turn the latest technologies into solutions that address unmet market needs. NRS is prescient in identifying market opportunities and technologies that offer strong prospects for early commercialization. Our operations are organized under three pillars; bioscience, informatics and agriculture.


NRS strongly believes that agricultural sciences and human and disease-focused biosciences need to be approached as one connected system. While most traditional research in these fields is siloed, stymying real advancements, NRS has developed the infrastructure, data science capabilities and mindset to effectively integrate these disciplines. This unique Convergence Innovation™ platform has positioned NRS as the strategic collaborator of choice for some of the world’s leading scientific institutions.


Our current venture pipeline includes a highly accurate and cost-efficient platform for cancer diagnosis and breakthrough agricultural technologies developed in Israel that are expected to have a profound impact on the global food chain.