New Reality Solutions | Strategic Advisory
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Strategic Advisory

Consulting & Strategic Advisory Services:


On a highly selective basis, NRS provides consulting and strategic advisory services utilizing Convergence Innovation™. NRS Associates provides turnkey business, scientific and management solutions to clients that seek to create and launch complex and mission critical lines of business. For such clients, NRS creates, tests and implements milestone-driven solutions that require multidisciplinary coordination and multi-stakeholder engagement based on the alignments of interest and appropriate utilization of specialist capabilities.


Convergence Innovation™ based Strategic Advisory services are provided globally and often times require NRS team members to actively assume management, governance and operational roles during the pendency of the assignment. Assignments in which NRS has utilized Convergence Innovation™ include:


Governance, Business Leadership and Finance Related:


  • Turnaround management and strategic repositioning for a public real-estate company with operations in 13 countries;
  • Multiple capital markets and finance focused strategic advisory engagements, including the formation of a real estate fund, a bank holding company and a structured products financing company for new products in insurance, capital markets and crowd-funding.


Science, Medicine and Technology Related:


  • Strategic business plan development and valuation of neurofeedback system development by former NASA neurologist to treat Parkinson’s Diseases and ADHD;
  • A defense technology focused engagement utilizing complex signal analysis work;
  • Strategic Advisory engagement for a Phase II-B infectious disease company focused on multi-drug resistant and chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • Strategic advisory management support for highly disruptive technologies for signal amplification using novel physics phenomenon;
  • Strategic advisory for functional food focused entities, including full;
    management of successful competitive grants and economic development applications allocations, and;
  • Strategic advisory work relating to materials science involving carbon nano-tubes, and high-energy physics.


Complex and Multifaceted Engagements:


  • Conceptualization, development, execution and client management of two sponsored academic centers of innovation and excellence which address major industry-wide challenges;
  • Strategic advisory engagements for economic development of regions;
  • Strategic Advisory engagement for Standards Development for complex and high-value objects;




  • Computation and Algorithm development and support;
  • Multiple informatics based client management engagements for hosting and strategic development work, including clients in Aerospace, pharma and data analytics;
  • E-commerce and subscription based engagements and support;
  • ERM, Data and Content Management, CRM, Cloud, Edge Compute and Full integrated system architecture work, hosting and development;
  • Compliant Data Room management.


Impact and Sustainability Related:


  • Several strategic advisory engagements for impact, sustainability and corporate social responsibility development, measurement and leadership;
  • Turnaround management (CEO) and regulatory development for a leading impact focused capital raising platform.