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Chicken Sexing Pre-Determination

Non-GMO,  Chicken Sexing Pre-Determination: The egg layer industry needs female chickens, not males. More than 5 billion male chicks are slaughtered annually. Europe and the United States are phasing in bans on this costly and inhumane practice, and the top 150 producers, representing 95 percent of the egg-layer market in the United States, have agreed to stop male chick culling by 2020. Israel’s ARO, using next-generation gene-editing systems, has developed the capability to create a lineage of roosters that will only produce non-GMO female chicks, dramatically increasing industry profitability and enabling compliance with culling regulations. The addressable market is every major egg manufacturer, and eventually, the process will be transitioned to producing non-GMO identifiable male roosters and all-male roosters for the poultry industry which requires early separation of poultry specific species.