New Reality Solutions | miR Diagnostics
Life-Science company creating high-specificity liquid biopsy and molecular diagnostic, prognostic and therapy optimization solutions for urological cancers.
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miR Diagnostics

miR Diagnostics, LLC (“miR”): was formed to solve fundamental gaps in cancer care and diagnosis. miR provides three integrated solutions that will improve the health and quality of life of millions of cancer patients:


1) highly accurate and non-invasive detection of prostate cancer from urine samples, and highly accurate prognosis of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer from tumor tissue samples;


2) highly accurate detection of bladder cancer and certain kidney cancers in male and female patients from urine samples, and;


3) for select cancers, an evaluation of optimal treatment paths to help avoid potentially unnecessary treatments and harmful side-effects.


miR’s solutions are expected to become the standard of care in North America, Canada and Europe for the detection and prognostic analysis of prostate, bladder and other select cancers. The health and economic impact of miR’s pipeline are profound: in the United States alone, more than $3 billion is spent annually on the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test — a diagnostic for prostate cancer which has been almost universally derided as inaccurate. More than $2 billion is spent on unnecessary interventions, many of which can induce side effects such as impotence and incontinence. Approximately 30,000 people die annually in the United States from prostate cancer.


Bladder cancer has the highest lifetime treatment costs per patient of all cancers. As yet there is no test for early detection — most bladder cancers are discovered after they are already well developed. In the United States, bladder cancer kills approximately 16,000 patients per year.