miR Scientific
Life-Science company creating high-specificity liquid biopsy and molecular diagnostic, prognostic and therapy optimization solutions for urological cancers.
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miR Scientific

miR Scientific, LLC (“miR”) is a precision molecular bioscience company that has developed liquid biopsy urine tests to definitively detect prostate and bladder cancers. miR’s platform has the ability to distinguish between aggressive and indolent prostate and bladder tumors prior to potentially life-changing interventions. The Company creates and delivers scalable breakthrough technologies for the provision of accessible diagnostic, prognostic, monitoring and companion products and services for large at-risk cancer populations, effectively rendering it a cancer management platform.


miR’s powerful platform technology can have a profound impact on reducing deaths and adverse side effects such as additional medical procedures, impairment to quality-of-life and cost-of-care for bladder and prostate cancer patients. miR’s use of proprietary miRNA and sncRNA profiling provides an unprecedented level of accuracy which, together with its low cost and ease of administration, positions miR’s cancer management platform to become the next-generation global standard of care for the early detection of prostate and bladder cancers.


For more information, please visit miR’s website at: www.miRScientific.com