NRS Poultry Transformation
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NRS Poultry Transformation

NRS offers the only scalable solution to end the unnecessary mass slaughter of billions of male chickens each year

NRS Poultry Transformation applies novel gene-editing applications to produce a lineage of non-transgenic poultry with desirable features/traits. The Company’s first fully developed platform has created a lineage of roosters that will only produce non-transgenic female chicks for the egg-layer industry. This industry is facing strong consumer and regulatory pressures to discontinue the practice of mass slaughter of billions of male chicks, which are useless to the egg industry and unwanted by the meat industry. US producers committed to banning the practice (which costs over $5 billion globally per year) by 2020, and NRS offers the only scalable solution in development aafor this problem. Upon deployment, it is expected to dramatically increase industry profitability and enable compliance with anti-culling practices and regulations. Additional applications of the technology include the development of non-transgenic disease-resistant chickens; chickens with improved feed conversion ratios; broilers with improved productivity and poultry with optimal protein/fat ratios.